Government Honouring Taxpayers

Straightforward Taxation Scheme Details:

As of late government had started an idea of Maximum Governance and Minimum Government for respecting citizens. Our Honorable Prime Minister has expressed that our Tax framework will be sseamless, effortless and nondescript and there will be new changes, for example, face-less evaluation, anonymous allure and citizens contract.

  • Likewise, Faceless Assessment alongside Taxpayers Charter will come in power from thirteenth August, 2020 and office of nondescript appeal to be accessible from 25th September,2020.
  • By made quite a welcome strides government is of the view that each citizen faces least government intercession and isn’t badgering for actually settling the expense.
  • Such advance is likewise taken so as to expand number of citizens as of now just 0.5% of populace is covering charge and just populace around 2% is documenting annual government form.
  • It is additionally mentioned by government to introspect and approach to pay Income expenses to assemble an Atma-Nirbhar Bharat.
  • The plan of Taxpayers Charter dispatched vows to keep up the protection and privacy of Income citizens and will diminish the expense of consistence with charge laws.
  • Government will accentuation on creation each law and strategy individuals engaged and public cordial, charge laws won’t be weight any longer on open.
  • Likewise, according to government information activities like ‘Vivaad Se Vishwas’ Scheme prepare for a large portion of the cases to be privately addressed any remaining issues. Likewise, investigation of the cases diminished by in any event multiple times in most recent 6 years, from 0.94% in 2012-13 to 0.26% in 2018-19.

Goal of government is extremely certain that they are keen on giving more administration will negligible mediation, and will take out the strategies that are more open agreeable.

Online TDS Return Plans

TDS Return Filing Service requires thorough understanding of the tax provisions, in which Fibota Experts permit you to file your TDS Returns with ease. Fibota help you in filing the Sale on Property, TDS on Salary, and other payments with best and lowest pricing.

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TDS return is basically a precis of all of the transactions pertaining to TDS completed for the duration of a quarter. In other words, TDS Return is a quarterly declaration of TDS this is submitted to the Income Tax Department, through the deductor.

Import Export Code Number Registration

Fibota is India largest Import Export Code Agent, Import Export (IE) Code is a registration required for persons importing or exporting goods and offering from India. IFC is issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Government of India. Import Export Code Number Registration utility need to be made to the Directorate General of Foreign Trade together with the important supporting documents. Once, the utility is submitted, DGFT will difficulty the IE Code for the entity in 15 – 20 working days or less.

Features of Import Export Code Number Registration

Fibota is India largest Import Export Code Number Registration Agent serving clients across India.

  • It is mandatory for each importer and exporter to register under IEC
  • DGFT, Customs, and Export Promotion Council assure advantages can be taken from the import or export. The sales can’t be claimed without this code
  • IEC code has life-time validity; you don’t need to renew it again and again
  • Any of the property proprietors can attain the code of their name, though it does now no longer always require establishing a business
  • When it involves to IEC no return filling is not required or even import or export transactions aren’t required to be filed under DGFT

GSTR 1 Return filing Services

GSTR 1 Guide: GSTR 1 Return filing Services, Filling Process, Return Formats, Due Dates

Fibota is trusted by India as best online GSTR 1 filing Services. As a business person, one in every of your first priorities will be to do is GSTR 1 Return filing Services. Hence, understanding the ropes permit you to make the process smoother and simpler. While filing a GST return, you’re supposed to offer all the details associated with business activities, like the tax legal responsibility declarations, tax payments and additionally any other associated information as consistent with  instructions provided by the government. In order to conform to GST requirements, it is important for all the ones a part of the GST regime to file GST returns. These returns specify income details for readability and are used to calculate the amount of tax which you are required to pay to the government.

It is important to consider that you may require GST-compliant invoices for income and purchase if you want to file GST returns as well. When it involves to filing your taxes, filling GSTR 1 is one of the most important forms. This is due to the fact the information you file under GSTR 1 is used as a base for all different forms to be auto-populated. In order to recognize this higher and comply with GST norms, read on for extra information on GSTR 1.

 An expert from FIBATO helps you to GSTR 1 Return filing Services Online at the best affordable price.

outsource data analysis services

Data Analysis Services

Data Analysis Services are multi faceted task which involved data cleaning, inspecting, Data mining, Data Validation and Data Modeling Services. There are multiple faces and precise methods that dominate data analysis. Data analysis strategies are primary based totally on precise domain kind and the industry requirements

Why Data Analysis?

Providing higher services improves client’s loyalty. Let us provide you with extra examples why data analysis service is vital for your business.

Data analysis services help business get higher output. It allows your business to seize new and applicable opportunities for higher growth. Flexibility, high-overall performance and higher decision making is a end result of proper data analysis.


Data analysis services prevent you from assumption in identifying to your business. Combining data analysis and in-memory analytics offers you higher insights concerning your clients and different factors of your business in actual time. Thus offers freedom to make knowledgeable selection and grown productivity.


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Income Tax Return Filing Services

Fibota is one of the leading online service providers of Income Tax Return Filing Services and GST consultancy and returns. We offer reliable services at affordable prices. We are an efiling portal to prepare and e file income tax return Online and helps individuals to file their income tax return filling services in an easy, secure way and convenient.

We recognize how important it is for you to ensure proper income tax return filing. Our professionals layer checking ensures that your income tax returns are filed correctly. Income Tax Return Filing Services has is this easy. We consequently guarantee you correct income tax filing.  File your income tax return by uploading Form 16. We will do the rest. We promise you e-filing of income tax returns based only on your uploaded Form 16. Our professionals not only promise correct income tax filing, in addition they give you precious advice on how to save taxes and decreases your tax liability.

Income Tax Litigation Services

We offer an Income Tax Litigation Services, and investigations, regulatory issues at all levels during the appeal tax process. Be it a transfer pricing, indirect tax or income tax issue, our team provides complete representation and litigation help services in actual or potential legal proceedings before a court, regulatory body, and government authority. We assist Income Tax Litigation Services individuals and organizations to respond to challenges by legal authorities, by leveraging our financial skills, business knowledge of the legal process when conducting each assignment.

Drawing on experience from various disciplines and backgrounds, our experts combine the highest requirements of technical skill and knowledge to gather, analyze and evaluate evidence.

  • Helping in strategizing tax litigation
  • Exploring opportunity tax dispute resolution mechanisms
  • Assistance in representation before Commissioner of Income tax (Appeals) and Income Tax Appellate Tribunal
  • Assistance in Filing Tax Appeals
  • Assisting, preparing, counseling, representing appeals and petitions before High Courts and Supreme Court

Filing of return of Income

FIBOTA provide all kinds of services in Online filing of Return of Income has become very easy and convenient today, permitting one to do it by them instead of relying on a tax practitioner. Filing of return of Income is a compulsory exercise for everyone. However, withinside the case of individuals’ elderly below 60 years whose gross total income before claiming any deductions is not extra than Rs 2.5 lakhs, no filing is required. This restrict is Rs 3 lakh for resident senior residents (elderly among 60 to 80 years) and Rs 5 lakhs for super senior residents resident in India (aged above 80).

Below are the steps for Online filing of Return of Income:

1.Forms of Return prescribed under the Income-tax Law
2.Modes of filing the return of income
3.Mandatory e-filing of return
4.No documents to be attached along with the return of income
5.Applicability of ITR – 1 (SAHAJ)
6.Non-applicability of ITR – 1 (SAHAJ)
7.Applicability of ITR 2A
8.Non-applicability of ITR – 2A
9.Applicability of ITR – 2
10.Non-applicability of ITR – 2
11.Applicability of ITR – 3
12.Non-applicability of ITR – 3
13.Applicability of ITR – 4S (SUGAM)
14.Non-applicability of ITR – 4S (SUGAM)
15.Applicability of ITR – 4
16.Non-applicability of ITR – 4
17.Applicability of ITR – 5
18.Non-applicability of ITR – 5
19.Applicability of ITR – 6
20.Non-applicability of ITR – 6
21.Applicability of ITR – 7
22.Non-applicability of ITR – 7
23.Source for obtaining the return forms
24.Procedure for e-filing the return of income
25.E-filing utility provided by the Income-tax Department
26.Benefits of e-filing the return of income
27.E-filing help desk of Income-tax Department
28.Difference between e-filing and e-payment
29.Form 26AS
30.Procedure to be followed in case of discrepancies in actual TDS and TDS credit as per Form 26AS
31.Precautions to be taken while filing the return of income

Filing of Appeal before Income Tax Authorities

“FIBOTA” is the online platform offering financial services. This Blog has been is to focus on the provision and procedures relating to Filing of Appeal before Income Tax Authorities. One Law Dictionary defines ‘appeal’ as a proceeding taken to rectify an inaccurate choice of a court by submitting the question to a higher court, or court of appeal. Right to appeal under income tax regulation is a creation of statute and now no longer inherent right. Appeal can be filed only against orders listed withinside the Income Tax Act. FIBOTA endeavor to make the process simpler for the customers to Prepare Books of Accounts and filing of Return of Income Tax.

Income tax responsibility is decided at the extent of Assessing Officer first. Tax payer aggrieved by diverse actions of Assessing Officer can appeal before Commissioner of Income Tax and after than appeal can be preferred before the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal. On substantial question of law, in addition appeal can be filed before the High Court or even to the Supreme Court.Income tax Department has introduced an e-filing facility fo Online Filing of Appeal before Income Tax Authorities at the first appellate level i.e. the Commissioner of Income-tax (Appeals).

With the ladder up approach appeal procedures are below:

  • Appeal before Commissioner (Appeals)
  • Appeal before Income Tax Appellate Tribunal
  • Appeal before High Court
  • Appeal before Supreme Court